Heart of a Champion

In business, just like in life, success starts with passion and heart. When you take an aspect of your life where there is passion and success will surely follow. One of our core beliefs is that we need to champion your success just as you would. With that in mind we truly take your needs for success to heart and will work tirelessly to help you achieve them. Centurion Advisory Group is built on a core foundation of principles. The …

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Welcome. We are at your service.

You are here primarily because a client, or a trusted professional affiliate, suggested you contact us. You have come to our website to learn more, before you send an email, or make the phone call. Look around, learn, and in fact, let us know how we can improve the site to communicate more clearly with you.

Our strength is offering financial advice, counsel, and administration services, as well as investment management. Our approach is to listen and learn, listen and learn, and continually repeat this pattern of listening to you, and learning about you, your life, and your situation, for the life of our working relationship. All we do is customized to address your specific questions, and to give you the guidance you need so you can enjoy a life well lived.

In terms of our standard of care in our client relationships, we serve as fiduciaries and stewards. As such, we are a fee-only professional services firm. We sell no financial products of any kind.

A few of our specific services for individuals include pre-retirement planning, meaning we look at when you can realistically retire, based on your specific types of assets, and sources of retirement income. We also do post-retirement planning, helping you determine when to begin social security, which types of accounts to draw income from first, how to account for inflation on a fixed income, and how to make decisions about providing health care for you and your family. We are familiar with the Railroad Retirement Plan, and have extensive experience integrating stock options into both retirement, asset, and tax planning.

For company owners, especially those of professional service firms, we help create and monitor business budgets, we prepare monthly profit and loss, and financial statements, and we track budget to actual revenue and expenses. We also project cash flows for purposes of business growth, hiring decisions, and personal tax planning. We evaluate retirement plan options and help you decide which retirement plan best suits your business’ cash flow and your personal needs.



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